Hi, I am Charne

I am a South African born portrait artist. Although I completed my Fine Arts degree at The University of the Free State, I grew up in the Gauteng region and have since lived in a number of towns and cities across South Africa and England.

Ever since I can remember I had a keen interest in anything creative. I would spend hours on end colouring my ‘Christmas Pavaroti’ in pre-primary while the other children played outside.

As you will see in my portfolio, I dabble in a variety of creative disciplines. Fine Art will always be my first love, and my background in the field informs all of my design and illustrative works. I love a challenge, and therefore enjoy learning new disciplines and applying my creativity in any and every way possible. I chiefly prefer the use of oil paints, ink, gouache and photography. Conceptually these materials have a long history in the genre of portraiture. I also enjoy experimentation with mixed mediums, which is why very little of my work thus far has followed a strict medium-based pattern. I believe that my curiosity in exploring different materials and avenues translates well into my design work, as it has given me the ability to ensure that each client will have something that is uniquely theirs, according to the brief given.